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Good Cat Behavior was started by cat lovers for cat lovers. We’re a humble team of four people, consisting of an editor, writer, and two veterinarians to ensure all our content is up-to-date and includes only expert advice and recommendations.

Though great animals, we’ll be the first to admit that felines aren’t the easiest pet to care for. They require a well-thought-out and balanced diet, appropriate exercise, and healthcare. 

a small white cat with white background
a small white cat with white background

Our Mission

Our main mission is to help cat parents care for their fur babies, in the easiest way possible. To do this, we share a plethora of guides and unbiased reviews to help you get what you need.

We hope that through our site, we can make life a little easier, and perhaps more affordable, for cat parents by helping you dodge expensive mistakes and mishaps.

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Team of Cat Lovers

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