Since cats are unable to communicate their medical history themselves, the pet owner’s story and observations are very important and sometimes crucial in making the correct diagnosis.

Prepare At Home

Feel free to write down the cat’s medical history, symptoms and how long they have been going on. If the cat has been referred by another veterinarian, it is an advantage if the medical record copy is taken or sent in advance to the veterinarian. It can also be good to document symptoms that are not persistent and therefore do not appear constantly. Short film sequences can be shown to the veterinarian.

At The Vet

During veterinary visits, cats should be transported in a transport cage or transport bag. Cats can be frightened by other animals and it can be difficult to keep them in their arms. The main reason why cats should be kept in cages is to avoid the spread of infection. Cats should not be given the opportunity to greet each other for this reason. If there is a high risk of infection, the cat should wait outside or in a car.

How Does The Vet Visit Work?

The examination begins with the veterinarian asking the owner / companion about the cat’s medical history (anamnesis). It is good if the person who accompanies the visit knows the cat well. After the anamnesis, the veterinarian performs a clinical examination of the cat.

To specify the problem, the veterinarian often needs to extend the basic examination with special examinations. Special examinations can be, for example, ultrasound, X-ray, ECG or blood pressure measurement. Analyzes from blood tests, stool tests, urine tests may also be needed to diagnose or rule out various diseases. During emergency visits, sometimes extended examinations may need to be postponed if the cat’s condition allows this. To investigate the presence of bacteria, fungi or viruses, samples are taken from suspected infected areas.

Emergency Room

If it is very urgent, it is good if a veterinarian is informed that an acutely ill cat is on its way to the animal hospital or animal clinic. The staff can then prepare and receive in the best way. For non-life-threatening emergency cases, the waiting time at the emergency department can vary from a few minutes to several hours. It can be one or more veterinarians who take care of emergency patients. During emergency visits, emergency and emergency fees are usually added.


Unless the illness or injury is of an acute nature, an appointment with a veterinarian can be booked. As a rule, a booked visit is less expensive than an emergency visit. When booking a visit, there is usually the possibility of extended examinations if necessary.

Some examinations require special preparations before the visit, for example by ultrasound of the bladder or if the veterinarian wishes a urine sample for further investigation. It can also be a good idea to refrain from giving the cat food for a couple of hours before the visit.

Sometimes sedatives may be necessary for an examination to be carried out and sometimes blood tests are needed. The results of the blood sample analyzes will be more certain if the cat has fasted before the sample.

Special instructions apply before anesthesia and surgery.

Pedigree and Passport

During eye examinations, inspections and during certain vaccinations, the cat’s pedigree and / or passport confirming its identity need to be included. The cat’s registration number and ID number are checked in connection with the visit.


The price of a visit is provided on request. Some treatments have a fixed price while others vary depending on the extent and what treatment or surgery is required, which means that only an approximate price can be provided as the result of the treatment can not be predetermined.

If the cat is admitted to the veterinary hospital, a daily update of the cost can normally be stated if desired.


An accident happens easily and can have unexpected consequences even with unforeseen expenses. Then it can be safe to have insurance. However, different insurances have different terms and compensation amounts.

The pet owner contacts the insurance company himself to find out if the treatment is covered by the insurance or if the cat’s insurance already has a reservation, which may mean that certain treatments are not reimbursed. Compensation amounts can also decrease with age.

Insurance letter

It is a good idea to bring the cat’s current insurance policy with you to the vet. The insurance policy states the cat’s insurance number and the conditions for the variable and fixed deductible.

Payment / Direct Settlement

Payment is made directly in connection with each visit. If direct regulation is desired, many of our animal hospitals or animal clinics can help with this during the insurance companies’ opening hours. A fee is normally charged in connection with the direct settlement.

If the visit is not directly settled but payment is made on-site, a receipt can be sent to the insurance company for claims settlement afterward. Different insurance companies have different processing times. For any questions about claims settlement, contact the insurance company directly.


AniCura’s animal hospitals and animal clinics also offer in-store sales of selected food (for both healthy and sick cats) as well as accessories such as toys, shampoos and dietary supplements.


If the cat receives a prescription for medicine, it can be picked up at a regular pharmacy. Prescriptions can be prescribed on-site or electronically via e-prescription. If home delivery of prescription medicine is desired, the veterinarian can choose home delivery options when prescribing e-prescriptions.

Phone Number

A tip is to always have the telephone number of the animal hospital on call available in the event of an accident.


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