Your indoor cat needs outdoor time too and sometimes you have no way to fence them in. Other times it’s just nice to take kitty on a leisurely stroll.

Regardless of your reasoning, a top-notch harness is the safest and kindest way to bring your furry friend on outdoor adventures.

We scoured the internet to find the best cat harness, and here’s our top five:

What To Look for in a Cat Harness

Selecting a cat harness is a relatively easy job as they’re quite similar and uncomplicated. However, there are a few questions you should ask yourself before selecting one.

Does Kitty Mind Restraints?

If your cat dislikes being restrained or closed in, then we recommend a strappy harness. A vest-like harness might be too claustrophobic for kitty.

How Big Is My Cat?

Many of the harnesses here have the same measurement but list different sizes for them. For example, one brand’s S is another brand’s L. Be sure to measure your cat’s neck and chest before selecting a harness so you get it right.

Will I Be Walking at Night?

If you wish to walk your cat at night there are two harnesses with reflective elements you may like, the Rabbitgoo Cat Harness and Dmisochr Cat Harness. Consider these if nighttime prowling is your go-to.

How Wriggly Is Kitty?

If you feel like your cat may try to escape the harness, we recommend getting one of the bulkier ones. It’s harder to slip out of a vest than it is to escape some straps. However, not all of the vest-like harnesses can handle wriggly kitties but we’ll warn you of that in our review.


Reviews of the Top Five Cat Harnesses

Our Overview

The Pawchie cat harness is an excellent choice for kitties who dislike constraint. It’s designed more like two collars—one for the neck, one for around the chest.

The two are connected creating a safe, harmless minimalistic harness for your cat. Being lightweight also helps for cats who can’t stand the feel of a harness.

Though despite this light feel the harness is strong and unlikely to fray or snap easily. Users find it reliable and state that it fits well and is wonderfully adjustable.

Other users enjoyed the cute prints on the gear—so it’s fantastic for a pampered kitty who always looks in style. Alongside the harness, you also get a collar with a bell, and an adjustable leash. This packs the value into your purchase, and lets you hear kitty coming even when not on a leash.


  • Comes with a collar and leash.
  • Adjustable.
  • Stylish.


  • Not as secure as a bulkier harness.

Our Overview

For cats who can handle a little bulk, this harness is more traditional and encloses the front of kitty’s chest. This adds some safety and security to the garment, as well as makes it comfortable in case of leash pulls.

Available in three sizes and lots of colors, this harness fits little kittens up to your average adult cat—though it’s not great for larger kitties, unless that bulk is from fluff.

You can adjust the harness easily using the four straps, which also make the harness snug and secure. Some reflective straps surround all of these straps so you can still see your cat in the dark if you venture out at night.

That said, if you have a feistier cat it’s best to stay in at night. Users report that the harness isn’t fully escape-proof for feisty felines who are good at sneaking around.


  • Comfortable vest-style harness.
  • Reflective.
  • Highly adjustable.


  • Users report that Houdini-like felines can escape the harness.

Our Overview

Back to a more minimalistic harness, this one uses straps instead of a vest design, but there’s a strap running along your cat’s back and chest to link the collar and chest straps. The harness comes with a leash, adding value to the deal and ensuring your harness and leash patch.

Available in six colors, this is a set for a stylish cat. Speaking of variability, this harness is a prime pick for larger kitties as it’s available in small, medium and large sizes.

Just don’t mistake a fluffy kitty for a chunky one! Otherwise, you could have fleeing feline. Hopefully any fleeing will be done on the leash, and won’t result in a sharp tug back. The leash is stretchy so as kitty reaches the end of it, there’s slight leeway as it stretches before stopping kitty from going further.

Users report that both the leash and harness work well for this. However, they also noted that the harness requires frequent adjustments and takes a whale to wrestle onto most cats. Those similar-looking straps can get confusing.


  • Great for cats who dislike larger harnesses.
  • Fits all sizes of cat.
  • Restrains cats well.


  • Needs frequent adjustments.
  • Difficult to get onto the cat.

Our Overview

For medium and small ca,,s this vest-shaped harness with the accompany adjustable lead can work wonderfully.

The leash extends five feet and clips to the back of the mesh, reflective harness so your cat has plenty of space to roam. Easy to operate for humans, this harness is made to be escape-proof while remaining breathable and comfortable for kitty. Owners report that cats don’t mind wearing it and that it looks well, however, with too much wriggling for the cat, the straps can loosen.

Users also report that the harness doesn’t fit cats with less than typical body shapes. They also report that the harness runs small.


  • Reflective.
  • Breathable.
  • Long leash accompanies.


  • Loosens too easily.
  • Runs small.
  • Not for all cat body types.

Our Overview

Here’s a harness for small cats, vest-shaped and sturdy and available in several colors. The harness is thick and bulky back and front for security, comfort and an escape-proof nature. 

Its four buckles help prevent escape, leading to a successful walk with the accompanying leash. The walk will have your cat comfortable throughout and there’ll be no pressure on kitty’s neck, nor much on their body either as you walk.

Some users feel that the harness’s straps are too large and may rub your cat uncomfortably, but it depends on the size of your cat. For the smallest kittens, the harness is quite bulky and heavy—particularly in the XS size.


  • Sturdy.
  • Comes with a leash.
  • Doesn’t put pressure on your cat’s body parts.


  • Straps are too thick.
  • Bulky for kittens.
  • May rub your cat uncomfortably.

The Perfect Powling Product

two cats looking far away
Best Cat Harness 15

The best cat harness is the Pawchie Adjustable Cat Harness as it has the most value in it. Not only do you get the harness, but you get a lead and collar, too.

Overall it’s a versatile harness, minimalistic so it won’t bother a cat who likes to feel free. The lead is also incredibly long which further enhances that freedom.

The design on the accessories is a nice tough, great fun for the ower while having kitty looking stylish. Really there are very few faults to the harness and users have no complaints, especially compared to other harnesses on the list.


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