Cat trees can be the height of a good time for kitties, but they’re not always made for large ones. Your bulky babies need to have fun too, so we scoured the market to find the best tree for large cats letting your furry one play the day away.

Here are the best trees for large cats currently available: 


Reviews of the Top Five Best Trees for Large Cats

Our Overview

The first cat tree we’re exploring is not only great for large cats, but it’s large in itself. At 65 inches tall, it’s a tower of wonder for your cat to explore.

The openings in the tunnels and sheltered areas are quite large, except for the middle one. Luckily the other two are open for exploration if your cat can’t fit in the center.

Meanwhile, four open baskets can accommodate cats of most sizes as there’s nothing to squeeze through. Perfect for any kitty needing a place to play or sleep.

Despite its height, the cat tree is incredibly stable thanks to its smart design, so your kitty will always be safe. Users report that, despite the stability, it’s lightweight and easy to deal with. They also find it big enough for most cats, and easy to clean.

Now there’s a slight problem for it with fat cats. Owners report that the platforms aren’t big enough or strong enough to handle overweight kitties. Cats that have additional bulk overall but not fat have a better time, as although they’re large, they’re lighter.

Besides the instability for fat cats, there’s not much wrong that goes wrong with this tree. Some owners report that the balls on strings snap early on, but they’re a minor part of the overall tree so it’s more “meh” according to customers, and not a tragedy.


  • Very tall for cats who like height.
  • Large openings for big, broad and tall cats.
  • Incredible stability.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Not great for fat cats.
  • The balls on strings snap off.

Our Overview

This one is a small tree but it’s suitable for large cats. It’s more of a hammock, really, suspended on two scratching posts but it’s a mighty jump from the ground.

Its compatibility with large cats is simple: there are no small holes for your kitty to squeeze through, and the hammock area is ample. The tree’s three components keep your cat occupied, entertained and relaxed depending on the use. Owners say their cats love this tree, although they wish the scratching posts were stronger and lasted longer. They prefer the hammock to the scratching post. They prefer those elements over the little hanging ball, though—the cord stretches dangerously long. One cat almost choked himself to death with it. Both the cat’s owner recommends removing this feature on the cat tree.

You may also want to remove as much of the hammock’s fluff as possible. Give it a good brushing to try and remove excess fur, as it sheds when your cat moves. Make sure it stays soft enough for kitty, though!

Once you have it trimmed and made safe, your cat should love it. Many cat owners report that their cats slept for hours in this cat tree, including large cats. It accommodates large cats well, and is strong enough to handle their weight. This includes weight from fat cats, which is a bonus.


  • Small, great for confined spaces.
  • Not enclosed, so cats of all sizes can avail.
  • Makes a great cat bed.


  • The dangling ball is dangerous.
  • Cat tree sheds more than your cat does.
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Our Overview

This one is more of a medium tree, but it’s highly suited to large cats. The tube is large and the top platform is open, so tall and bulky cats won’t squish up in a little enclosed box/house.

Along with this suitability, one of the balls on strings is up quite high. This is fantastic for tall cats who want to stand on their back legs and swipe. It’s also great for smaller cats who wish to jumbo at the tree and have a go.

There’s a second dangling ball close to the taller square platform for cats of all sizes to have fun with. Larger cats may also be able to reach it from the lower, round platform, for added fun.

Both the platforms and the top basket area can withstand cats of up to 15 pounds, making this highly usable for large, chunky or otherwise heavy cats. Although it can withstand this weight, some owners report that it’s not the sturdiest cat tree in the world.

Some buyers report wedging this under their wall heater, so the bottom platform is held to the floor. Others recommend bolting it to the ground. You could also just place some weighed objects on the bottom platform if it’s easier.

Once that’s done, it’s a fantastic tree and owners report that their cats play on it for hours at a time. They also note that it’s great for sleeping in.

Some owners warn that the hanging balls come off easily though, and this made their cats lose interest. If your cat prefers dangling toys over climbing and sleeping, we recommend removing the balls so the cats never know they’re there and can enjoy the rest of the tree.


  • Can accommodate heavy cats.
  • Open space, so nothing to enclose large cats.
  • Cats find it engaging.


  • Quite wobbly until secured.

cat try to climb up

Kitty’s Favorite Tree

The best tree for large cats is the Hey-Brother 65″ Extra Large Multi-Level Cat Tree. It’s well-liked by many cats, tall enough to cause some adrenaline rush, but has plenty of open and enclosed spots to relax.

Its openings are wide enough to accommodate larger cats, and it’s strong enough to deal with big kitties. It’s not suitable for fat cats, but being fat is extremely unhealthy for a cat anyway! If you can get kitty to slim down, then they can plan on the tree no problem.


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