The rules regarding transport cages are varied, for example steel cages are not allowed. The cage should be made of a covering, waterproof material.

Tips When Traveling With A Cat

In The Car

For safety reasons, it is recommended that the cat be transported in a transport cage. The cage should be designed and positioned in such a way that it receives shade and good ventilation. It is suggested that the cat has such a large cage that it can stand in a normal position, lie down and turn unhindered.

When Flying

Check with the airline what rules apply to flights with a cat, the rules vary between the airlines. Cats can sometimes travel inside the cabin if they are in an approved bag / cage. The circumstances surrounding the flight, especially in relation to the temperature during periods of extreme heat or cold, should be taken into account.

When Abroad

Due to the risk of infection, it may be inappropriate for the cat to eat raw egg yolks, raw meat, uncooked food waste during the stay abroad.


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